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Ramadan Envelopes

Ramadan Envelopes – Our Ramadan family tradition

Every year just before the moon is sighted and Ramadan begins we decorate our home, and a basket containing 30 Ramadan Envelopes for each of my girls makes its appearance.  Each night after Iftar (the meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset) the girls get to open that day’s envelope.  What are in the envelopes?  My intention with the envelopes were to fill them with items that would make Ramadan fun but also expand their knowledge of their religion and enrich their lives as Muslims.  The only rule is the contents have to have something to do with Ramadan, Islam or being a Muslim.  Over the years the majority of the envelopes have contained books.  The other envelopes generally hold gifts, craft projects, or a Ramadan related recipe.  My hope when starting this project was to start a tradition that would make Ramadan a time my girls would look forward to every year.  And I have to call it a success.  The girls get so excited when they see the basket and start speculating about what the envelopes contain this year, and I now get sent ideas for the envelopes from them when they see something they think might be a good idea for an envelope.

Click on a button to see what items and activities were included in that year's envelopes!

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