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Our Favorite Ramadan Crafts

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Rose-Scented Rooh Afza Play Dough

Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, created Rooh Afza shortly after he founded his company in 1907. The original purpose of this syrup was to combat fatigue and loss of energy due to excess heat. The combination of botanicals in Rooh Afza is said to have cooling properties and provides energy when the summer heat makes most people sluggish. Rooh Afza is a staple in many Muslim homes during Ramadan, often served at iftar mixed with ice cold water or milk, as it is said to effectively hydrate.

For years, thanks to Zara’s obsession, containers of slime were pretty common place in our home. It’s still her go to activity when she’s feeling bored. So when I came across a recipe for Rooh Afza Play Dough from, it was a no brainer. It was fun and easy to make and came out just as the recipe described. Click on the link below for ingredients and instructions for this rose-scented play dough.

DIY Moon Lamp

I was so excited when I came across a video for a DIY Moon Lamp from It’s also one of those crafts that looks so cool you have a hard time believing it will be as easy as the video makes it seem, but it really is! All you need is a white glass globe (we purchased ours from Home Depot), a battery-operated touch light (I picked up ours from the dollar store), some black, white and gray acrylic paint, and a sponge. Zara’s made for a great night light both during Ramadan and after.

Click on the link below for instructions on how to make your own moon lamp.

Ramadan Drum

I have been a fan of Manal Aman, the talent behind, for years. She never fails to inspire me, and her Ramadan Drummer character and poem were the motivation behind this Ramadan craft. The tradition of a drummer waking people for suhoor (the pre-fasting meal) still exists in many countries today. Zara loved decorating her very own Ramadan drum. This is a craft that is great for younger kids. My girls love when the storage tubs of Ramadan decorations comes out every year, and they know it’s time to decorate. Being able to decorate your own drum, and then pull it out every Ramadan makes for a great tradition and Ramadan memory for any little one.

I purchased the drum through Amazon,

The drum was decorated with alphabet and star stickers purchased at our local craft store, and items we had left over from past projects.

You can read more about Manal Aman’s Ramadan Drummer character and poem by clicking on the link below.

Ramadan Rocks

Inspirational and motivational rocks with words and phrases carved into, or stamped or painted on them have become quite a trend. I have a co-worker who passes out rocks to people with particular words on them whenever she feels inspired to do so. I have been the grateful recipient of a few of her rocks. I keep them on my desk and whenever I look at them, both the words and the memory of her kindness in gifting them to me always fills me with warmth. One day when looking at the rocks I had received, it occurred to me that painting rocks and writing inspirational words or messages that remind us of the spirit of Ramadan would make for an excellent craft activity.

I purchased the rocks at Michaels craft store, as well as the acrylic paints and markers we used. I had originally planned to cover the rocks with a water-proof sealer so they could be placed outside. However, the brightly painted rocks and beautiful words never fail to bring a smile to my face when I see them, so I decided to keep them in the wooden tray on the coffee table, where I’d be able to enjoy them every day.

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