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Eid Baskets from Hello Holy Days

My go-to gift for Eid is usually money. It’s easy, never disappoints the receiver, and there are so many cute Eid money envelope designs out there!

But this year when I saw the Ramadan and Eid baskets Hello Holy Days came out with I was inspired to give my first Eid basket to a special little one I know. Hello Holy Days has several adorable designs to choose from, but after going back and forth I decided on the Ramadan Lantern basket.

What I

- The basket is as bright and fun in person as it was pictured online.

- The basket is soft to the touch but well-made and durable. This is not a one-time use basket. This is a basket that your child can continue to enjoy long after Eid is over, or it can be packed away with your Ramadan and Eid decorations and brought out again for many future Eids to come.

Keep in mind these baskets are similar in size to an Average Easter basket you would see in stores. So, pay attention to the measurements before ordering.

My Eid basket (pictured below) was for an 18-month-old little girl. I filled it with a bubble wand, puff snacks, a toy (all purchased from Walmart), and a sweet board book (purchased from Amazon).

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